In the late 1900’s I created works of art in the form of the sandwich at a mall food court in Georgia. But, my love for the classics, the Corvette, Camaro, and Mustang, drove me to study to become a Mechanical Engineer. Also, being a teenager and not having a clue about what I wanted to be when I grew up played a huge part in that decision.
After graduating college, I moved to Nashville to work at an engineering firm during the day, but at night, I performed music. From Tootsie’s to Legends and many other bars, I made my debut although I wasn’t a huge fan of country music. I have always considered myself a rocker and at the time preferred the music of Tonic, Matchbox 20 and Better Than Ezra.

In the early 2000’s, I got the chance to perform for the U.S. troops. I traveled to Egypt, England, Norway and a few other distant lands during my overseas adventure. This was the highlight of my music career.

During my time as a musician, I was in charge of marketing, which included designing artwork for band CD’s, posters and websites. Discovering I had a talent for graphic design, I would soon realize this was my true passion.
Upon returning home, the publisher at a local newspaper offered me a job as a graphic designer. He had seen my work and wanted me to join their team. I was excited at the opportunity and was eager to learn all I could about the newspaper industry.

Soon after starting this new job, I met the love of his life, Heather. She worked at a local movie theater, but was a talented sketch artist as well. Heather was planning on going to school for Psychology, but I convinced her to pursue a career doing something she loved.

Over the next 5 years we learned graphic design together, she taught me what she learned at MTSU and I showed her what I discovered hands-on, working in the design industry. We also picked up photography as a hobby and have performed many portrait and wedding sessions since.
After Heather graduated, I continued to work in the newspaper industry, but also did freelance projects designing websites for many local businesses. In 2007 we decided to venture out and form our own graphic design studio, Good Graphics. Unfortunately it was bad timing and the economy put a stop to that dream.
I gladly returned to the corporate world, joining a new division of Gannett, tnMedia, an advertising agency housed inside of The Tennessean. Their focus was on high-end clients, developing websites, digital advertising, as well as some print collateral. I excelled in this new environment and this opportunity has allowed me to utilize more of my creativity, although I am always learning, adapting and challenging myself and feel like I haven’t yet reached my full potential.
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